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Pace-O-Matic® Pennsylvania Skill®


1) Only two skill games have been approved by a court in Pennsylvania and can operate with out risk of criminal prosecution.

Pennsylvania skill by Pace-o-Matic

Red white and blue

2) A court ruling for Pace-O-Matic or Red White & Blue will only cover those machines. If a machine operator tells you that the machine they are using does the same thing and therefore is covered under that court ruling then they are wrong and being dishonest to you and putting you in harms way of criminal prosecution. 

3) Many other game mfg. are pushing so called games of skill that have never been approved by a Pennsylvania court. Just because the game says Skill on the outside it's what's in the inside that the courts use to determine if it's a gambling device or not. don't be fooled by these so called skill games.

4) A number of so called skill games have already been found by Pennsylvania courts to be in fact a gambling device. To spite these rulings many of these machines are still being operated in locations in Pennsylvania by greedy operators that don't mind putting location owners at risk of criminal prosecution. see the court rulings tab on this site for the case information on these company's found to be gambling devices.

5) Along with the increase in illegal and non adjudicated skill games in Pennsylvania we have also seen a resurgence of the old styled coin pusher games. These games have been determined to be gambling devices in two separate  court cases in Pennsylvania. These new coin pusher seem to be designed to attract youth players to them by dispensing bright colored gumballs and decorating the machines with popular cartoon characters. The court rulings on these types of machines can also be found on the court rulings tab on this web site. 

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