Are Pennsylvania Skill Games legal?

  • Pennsylvania Skill Games are 100% legal. The legal status was adjudicated by the Beaver County Court of Common Pleas in 2014.

    • In it​s decision, the Common Pleas Court ruled that our Pennsylvania Skill Game is a true game of skill, and not a game of chance.

  • Our team has reported illegal games to law enforcement. We know that individuals who once used illegal machines are now utilizing legal Pennsylvania Skill Games. Over a nine month period, an estimate of 100 illegal machines were replaced with legal Pennsylvania Skill Games.

Are Pennsylvania Skill Games the same as Video Game Terminals (VGTs)?

  • Pennsylvania Skill

    • Pennsylvania Skill Games are legal, have​ been adjudicated in a Pennsylvania Court of Law and ruled a skill predominate game.

    • Players utilizing Pennsylvania Skill Games can win every time based on skill and not chance.

  • ​VGTs

    • Due to a 2017 legislative action, VGTs are now legally permitted in Truck Stops that meet a certain criteria. To date, no VGTs are operational at Truck Stops since the enactment of this legislation.​

    • VGTs are a game of chance, like slot machines, and prizes are awarded accordingly.

    • VGTs are illegal at any other location.

Do Pennsylvania Skill Games hurt the state lottery?

  • According to the Pennsylvania Lottery, profits for the 2017/2018 fiscal year were at a record high of $4.2 billion. They distributed a record number of prizes of more than $2.7 billion and generated over $1 billion to benefit older Pennsylvanians.

  • Pennsylvania Skill Games have been in existence since 2014 and lottery revenue has increased all but one year. Now, they are at record highs.

  • It is difficult to make a case that Pennsylvania Skill Games hurt the lottery when their profits have never been higher.

  • Skill Games are located in Virginia. The Virginia Lottery determined that their top lottery locations were at establishments that also had skill games.



Do casinos oppose Pennsylvania Skill Games?

  • Unlike VGTs, most Pennsylvania casinos do not oppose Pennsylvania Skill Games.

  • VGTs are essentially slot machines and casinos nearly universally oppose them being located at additional establishments.

  • We are only aware of one casino, Parx Casino, who opposed Pennsylvania Skill.

Do Pennsylvania Skill Game manufacturers, operators, and establishments pay taxes?

  • Yes. Pennsylvania Skill Game manufacturers, Miele Manufacturing and Pace-O-Matic, operators, and establishments, have paid millions in sales and income taxes.