Arrington Attends FOE State Convention and Presents Donation to Presidential Grant

At the recent Pennsylvania State Aerie, Fraternal Order of the Eagles Annual Convention in Erie, the Boy Scouts of America Susquehanna Council received the President's Grant to benefit the Scouting Programs at Camp Karoondinha. Guest Speaker, LaVar Arrington, presented an additional donation of $5,000 on behalf of Pennsylvania Skill Charitable Giving to the Susquehanna Council.

In total, the Boy Scouts received $35,000 for the Susquehanna Council to support youth in making ethical choice, develop leadership skills, perform community service, and become better citizens.


[...] LaVar Arrington was in Erie on Friday to attend the Fraternal Order of Eagles' state convention at the Ambassador Center. He was there to promote electronic skill games, whose money can be used to assist small businesses, veterans organizations and individuals who are experiencing financial hardship.

Pennsylvania legislators recently introduced a bill that would further regulate such games found in establishments such as the FOE branches.

Arrington was made an honorary member of one during Friday's activities. He'll represent Williamsport Post 970, where Eric Hoover is the branch's president.

“It's a great honor to have someone like LaVar here,” Hoover said. “We're all about people helping people. Raising money and donating it to charities. We try to get celebrities here — maybe not always to the level he's at — but I know he's going to do a lot for our organization and to motivate people to go out and help.”

Arrington demonstrated why he's become popular in sports media over the past decade. He spoke candidly with Erie-area reporters for nearly one hour after Friday's FOE meeting.

Arrington has been a television analyst on the NFL Network for eight years. He's also a co-host of Up on Game, a Fox Sports Radio show he started in 2020.

Among the topics and issues Arrington discussed.

His new status as an honorary FOE member:

It's exciting to be (with) like-minded people. I've done so much to be a positive contributor to the communities I'm part of that to now be in the company of people who have done it at such a high level for such a long time is tremendous. This feels like something I've been training for (throughout) my life.

Coming from a family with deep military ties:

Men and women of service is a tremendous passion for me. A lot of times we get caught up in separating them from domestic or civil protectors, or providers like firefighters, first-responders and law enforcement.

To me, they're all people of service and what they represent. A lot of times we praise the praiseable things that are right there in your face.

But what we don't pay enough attention to is the support that they need, or the assistance that their families might need. It's amazing now to have the opportunity and the ability (with the FOE) to be a part of that (help).

How military background helped with discipline as a football player:

My father could have easily been a victim to the circumstances of losing his legs while protecting our country. My father was never able to run with me. Not one day. Yet, he still raised us to never be victims. I've never lived in victimhood and I never will. I'm willing to put in the work (for the result) that I'm seeking in life.

My work ethic is part of the fabric of who I am. Be it sports or whatever I'm doing in life.


His Dec. 6 induction for the College Football Hall of Fame:

That will be my final resting place as a football player. That's the last football accomplishment I could possibly get, so I can rest assured the things I was able to do and accomplish with my teammates and coaches. At least through one person, our accomplishments will be known throughout the course of history in the hallways (of the hall) in Atlanta.

Proud. I'm proud of that.

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