Compliance Updates

September 2019

IMPORTANT UPDATE: For prompt handling of compliance issues, ALL OPERATORS should utilize the COMPLIANCE HOTLINE at 570-244-3123, EXT 5 or email Rick Goodling at or Brian Langan at

Any complaints called into Lou Miele, Jeff Millay or members of the sales team will cause delays. For a violation to be handled, you'll need to make an official complaint using the proper channels. All compliance issues go through the PA Skill Compliance and Consumer Affairs Team.

The Compliance Team would also like to remind you to make sure your contact info is up to date.

We are working everyday on ensuring our Operators are complying with our policies and are monitoring the marketplace for illegal gambling devices .

FOR ALL COMPLIANCE RELATED ISSUES, please contact the Compliance Hotline at 570-244-3123, Ext 5.

August 2019

The Pennsylvania Skill Compliance team is working to ensure Operators and Locations are compliant. That means that our Pennsylvania Skill amusement devices are not being commingled with illegal gambling devices.

We have been assisting with Tom Marino's Tour highlighting establishments who are advertising their businesses as mini-casinos or operating illegal gambling devices. Many locations with Gracie Technologies illegal gambling devices are transitioning to our legal amusement devices. Getting more illegal gambling equipment off of the streets helps us in our legislative efforts to pass meaningful regulations that will help maintain a true skill game market.

Click here to send your report to Rick Goodling, the Pennsylvania Skill Compliance Supervisor.

Rest assured, Pace-O-Matic and Miele Manufacturing stand behind our devices, you, and your businesses 100%. If you have concerns or need questions answered, please reach out to our compliance team on the web or by calling 570-244-3123, Ext 5.

July 2019

We wanted to follow-up with you regarding the false email sent by the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board (PLCB) last week and the recent harassment by lottery officials who are falsely claiming that Pace-O-Matic’s Pennsylvania Skill amusement devices are illegal. This harassment must stop, and we are taking action to do just that!

To be clear, top Officials in the Governor's Office and the PLCB confirmed again that the PLCB WILL NOT be suspending liquor licenses with regard to skill games.

Please continue to report to us via email any incidents in which LCB, LCE, or Lottery representatives are going into your locations and threatening or harassing them.

Click here to send your report to Rick Goodling, the Pennsylvania Skill Compliance Supervisor.

Rest assured, Pace-O-Matic and Miele Manufacturing stand behind our devices, you, and your businesses 100%. If you have concerns or need questions answered, please reach out to our compliance team on the web or by calling 570-244-3123, Ext 5.

June/May 2019

As you are aware, POM (Pace-o-Matic) of PA is in litigation with PSP over the legality of our Pennsylvania Skill amusement devices. However, we need your help in gathering information. We are requesting that you report directly to our compliance department any statements that are made to you or your locations by law enforcement concerning the Pennsylvania Skill Game.

It's imperative that you document the name and address of the location, the date and time, officers full name and the officer’s statements about Pennsylvania Skill machines. If they are telling clubs, bars and other locations that our games are illegal, but then do not seize them, we want to know. If they are telling your locations that they're not seizing them right now for any reason, we also need to know. Anything they are saying could possibly be helpful with our litigation. You cannot just sit back and hope our attorneys get this done. We all have to contribute for a successful conclusion.

We understand that your locations are businesses in their own and may have limited time and resources to document this information for us, but it is up to us to persuade them to find the time to document such instances and report them to us. It is in everyone's best interest to present the strongest possible case in court.

By continuing to be proactive in this area, we can remain ahead of the situation as we have always strived to do. Documenting these types of compliance issues allows us to have as much control of the litigation as we can.

Please click here to report violations of the Terms and Conditions.

April 2019

The Pennsylvania Skill Terms and Conditions state that only pre- approved marketing materials may be used to promote the Pennsylvania Skill brand. Marketing materials, including banners, signs, coasters, decals, and bottle openers, may be purchased from Miele Manufacturing. Click here to place an order. It would be a violation of the Terms and Conditions for an operator or location to utilize false, misleading, or unauthorized marketing materials. The compliance team has investigated this type of violation and has handed out penalties to violators.

While we continue to work with our legislators, it is very important to maintain uniformity of messaging to distinguish ourselves as a serious force in the Pennsylvania market. Homemade or other non-approved marketing materials could lead to confusion on the part of our customers, lawmakers, or other industry partners. Thank you for your continued diligence in this matter.

Please click here to report violations of the Terms and Conditions.

March 2019

This month’s compliance update focuses on rogue operators. On a weekly basis, I get calls about them. Last week, one of our operators called and told me that he may be losing a location because a competitor offered them a 65% split. Offering such a split is against the Terms and Conditions that every PA Skill operator has signed and is bound by.

In addition to offering unsanctioned splits, some rogue operators also offer non-adjudicated games. Mixing these games in a location with PA Skill games is also against the Terms and Conditions.

Our compliance team will make every effort to make sure these operators are identified and penalized for violating the Terms and Conditions. As I've said before, we need your help. I have called upon several operators recently to assist me in this mission and the information they've provided has been very helpful. Any correspondence that you have with the compliance team will remain completely confidential.

We need you as fair and ethical operators to step up and assist in identifying those who violate the Terms and Conditions. Please report reliable and credible information on any violations to the PA Skill Compliance Team. Lets all work together to prevent rogue operators from disrupting the market for everyone.

Please click here to report a violation.

February 2019

Since coming on board as a compliance officer for Pennsylvania Skill, one of my main duties has been to prevent violations of our Terms and Conditions. As you know, the Compliance Team routinely conducts investigations into these matters. However, we can’t investigate a violation that we’re not aware of and that's why we need your help.

Pace-O-Matic and Miele Manufacturing have spent a tremendous amount of resources and time to introduce Pennsylvania Skill games into the state. We have worked to ensure these games were recognized as lawful games of predominant skill by the Pennsylvania judicial system. Since then, all operators and locations have enjoyed and shared the tremendous benefits that Pennsylvania Skill games provide. The revenue split was designed so each operator has a fair opportunity to m ake the s am e amount as the next operator.

Pace-O-Matic and Miele Manufacturing foresaw what happened in other states where similar games are in place and how some unprofessional operators ruined the market by offering larger and unsanctioned splits in an attempt to poach locations. A location that is given the opportunity to make more money will certainlychoose to do so.

The compliance team needs help to prevent these unfair business practices from taking root here in Pennsylvania. Please report any violations of the Terms and Conditions to the Pennsylvania Skill Compliance Team.

Please click here to report a violation.

January 2019

The primary focus of the compliance team is to ensure the uniform adherence to the terms and conditions. In order to participate in the loyalty program and enjoy all of the specials offers and rewards that come with being a Pennsylvania Skill operator, a copy of the terms and conditions, signed by the operator, must be held by Miele Mfg.

The compliance team’s enforcement of the terms and conditions assists and protects our operators as well as the brand itself. Operation of our unique skill business in accordance with the terms and conditions presents Pennsylvania Skill as a proactive and professional entity to the legislators, law enforcement, and other professionals. It also helps us stand out from our competitors .

In addition, enforcement of the rules will protect our operators’ financial interests by stopping unapproved splits that can spread quickly and cause a race to the bottom as has occurred in other markets. As many of you are aware, some operators in other states have suffered in these split wars and now find themselves collecting a significantly lower percent of the revenue generated by their games. Ensuring compliance to the 20/40/40 split will preserve profit margins for everyone and maintain a fair and level field for all operators.

If you have any questions regarding the terms and conditions, please click here to contact the compliance team.

December 2018

We're excited to introduce our 4 man compliance team: Rick Goodling, Brian Langan, Tom Weaver, and Jerry Botchie.

Since July 1, 2018, the compliance team has come up to speed investigating complaints regarding violations of the Terms and Agreements. Our team is comprised of four retired Pennsylvania State policemen, with over 108 years of law enforcement and investigative experience.


Please click here to submit any compliance questions or concerns.

For the truth on skill games, call (570) 244-3123.


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