Contact the PA Skill Compliance Team from Pace-O-Matic

     For prompt handling of compliance issues, operators should call the Compliance hotline at (570) 244-3123 Ext. 5 or email Rick Goodling,, or Brian Langan,

     Complaints called to Lou Miele, Jeff Millay, or other sales team member will cause a delay. For a violation to be handled, you'll need to make an official complaint using the proper channels. All compliance issues go through the PA Skill Compliance and Consumer Affairs Team.


     The Pennsylvania Skill Compliance and Consumer Affairs Team works to ensure operators and locations are compliant so Pennsylvania Skill amusement devices are not commingling with illegal gambling devices.


     Pennsylvania Skill assisted Tom Marino's tour highlighting establishments who are advertising their businesses as mini-casinos or operating illegal gambling devices. Many locations with Gracie Technologies illegal gambling devices are transitioning to our legal amusement devices. Getting illegal gambling equipment off the streets helps us in our legislative efforts to pass meaningful regulations that help main a true skill game market.​

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Compliance: (570) 244-3123

Customer Service: (570) 323-1434

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