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Miele Manufacturing provides quality contract manufacturing for world leaders such as Pace-O-Matic and TouchTunes. Its 68,000 square foot headquarters in Muncy, PA is a state of the art manufacturing and operations facility.

Pennsylvania Skill Charitable Giving is committed to supporting causes that improve communities and quality of life for the commonwealth residents. If your organization is in need of a monetary donation, please submit a donation application. 


Pennsylvania Skill Charitable Giving does not make charitable donations to for profit organizations.

PA Skill Charitable Giving

The organizations must be a 501(c)(3) or non-profit organization.

PA Skill Charitable Giving

Incomplete proposals or those with deadlines within 30 days of submission may not be considered.

PA Skill Charitable Giving

Requests should be submitted at least 30 days prior to request date the to give proper time to evaluate the request.

PA Skill Charitable Giving

Applicants that reapply may receive donations after one year from their previous received donation.

PA Skill Charitable Giving

Complete proposals include:

  • Description of the Organization

  • Mission and  Accomplishments

  • Current Board Member

  • Quote, if Applicable

  • IRS Tax-Exempt Letter(s)

PA Skill Charitable Giving

Recipients are a community organization in Pennsylvania. Money donated will be spent in PA and directly benefit state residents and/or a group of people as apposed to a single person.

PA Skill Charitable Giving

Complete proposals will be considered monthly by the Charitable Donations Committee.

PA Skill Charitable Giving

Pennsylvania Skill Charitable Giving receives recognition for its donations.

Charitable Donation Applications and supporting documents may be mailed or emailed.

For more information about Pennsylvania Skill Charitable Giving's Donation Policy, email

Pennsylvania Skill Charitable Giving

535 E. Third St.

Williamsport, PA