The Patriot is sleek, innovative, and built with the player and operator in mind. The 24" halo monitor will grab players' attention and is comfortable to play while sitting or standing. The dual bill acceptors provide ongoing backup to keep your games up and running. A steel vault provides protection for the bill acceptors, printer, and motherboard. The vault provides two padlock positions and a center door lock.


  • 24" Halo Touch Screen

  • Dual ICT TOA Gaming Bill Acceptors

  • Pyramid Self-Cutting Printer

  • Cupholder

  • Wireless Phone Charger

  • High-Security Steel Vault

  • LED Lighting

  • 12-Month Warranty

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     Pennsylvania Skill gaming devices are manufactured and distributed in PA by Miele Manufacturing. To date, Pace-O-Matic, Miele Manufacturing, operators, and the small businesses we support have paid tens of millions of dollars in taxes to the state.

     Pennsylvania Skill limits the number of devices that can be placed at any one location and we do not allow our games to be located at a business that is solely designed to be a gambling hall.

  • Only two skill games have been approved by a court in Pennsylvania and can operate with out risk of criminal prosecution.

    • Pennsylvania Skill video game by Pace-O-Matic.

    • Red, White and Blue mechanical slot machine.

Many other game manufacturers are pushing so called "games of skill" that have never been approved by a Pennsylvania court. Just because the game says "Skill" on the outside it's what's inside that the courts use to determine if it's a gambling device or not. Don't be fooled by these so called "Skill Games."

     Pace-O-Matic of Pennsylvania, which markets legal, court-adjudicated Pennsylvania Skill gaming devices, released the following statement regarding a massive seizure by law enforcement of illegal Video Gaming Terminals (VGTs) from an unregulated mini-casino in Berks County on August 20, 2020.

     “Pennsylvania Skill has been pulling the alarm with regard to the issue of mini-casinos filled with illegal VGTs for over a year,” Pace-O-Matic of Pennsylvania Vice President Tom Marino stated. “We fully support law enforcement’s efforts to shut down these large gambling dens. These illegal games and massive gaming halls are located in strip malls across the Commonwealth."

Request information about Pennsylvania Skill games

     Miele Manufacturing does not sell Pennsylvania Skill game cabinets. Miele Manufacturing installs Pennsylvania Skill games based on commission.

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Berks County Mini-Casino Raid